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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design science based on natural systems. Permaculture uses the evolutionary principles of nature to design, build and create resilient projects and systems. As nature continuously evolves for over 4 billion years on earth, there is still much to learn on how natural systems operate and sparingly use the available energy to build and grow amazing structures.

Permaculture turns towards nature to get the right design insights and to ensure that when we create new systems, they are blending well with the surrounding environment and its inhabitants.

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What is PPA?

PPA is a non-profit organization focused on the holistic approach in the advancement of permaculture in the Philippines through education and publications, and its eventual integration into the national curriculum.

Equally important are our advocacies towards sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation, environmental preservation and rehabilitation, generation of green livelihood and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship.

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