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PPA engages with the avant-garde, people who are radical and out-of-the-box thinkers, and LGUs who want to break free from the status quo of development practices.

The organization recognizes the initiatives of our partners and members through the endorsement and support of their permaculture sites. PPA respects preferential attachments, that’s why we hail these sites as essential nodes that can connect with other nodes with similar foci and interests, to form hubs. The solid hubs can then be set up as Permaculture Resilience Institutes, which can all be interconnected to form a super network with one focus, the advancement of permaculture as the most effective development framework in the country. Let us all be mycelia at the roots of the permaculture tree; work together to unlock all the possibilities to nourish permaculture so we can all share nature’s bounty.

PPA engages both the government and grassroots levels to guarantee the success of permaculture projects. Guided and assisted by PPA, the community is assisted to establish PRIs in their areas to serve as a convergence point of practitioners in the region.